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Celebrating Women in Maryland’s Wine Industry

Celebrating Women in Maryland’s Wine Industry

Celebrating Women in Maryland’s Wine Industry

March is Maryland wine month and women’s history month.  What an outstanding duo! Vino 301 recognizes some of the women who make Maryland wines phenomenal.  We chat with several women who work in the wine industry. We visit tasting rooms, barrel rooms, and even board rooms to discuss their roles in the industry.  It’s exciting times in Maryland.  Maryland wine industry is experiencing record growth. We seek these phenomenal women insights how they foresee the future of the industry.

Celebrating women in Maryland’s wine industry is video series.  The series begins with Lynn Basignani, co-owner of Basignani Winery (Sparks, MD).  Basignani Winery is among the original 13 vineyards which established Maryland’s wine industry.  Basignani started as a passion project and grew into a labor of love. Lynn and Bert, winemaker and co-owner, have operated Basignani Winery for since 2016.  Bert is the master vintner, but Lynn is the heart and soul behind the tasting room and events.  She is very modest about managing a successful business.

Our chat with Lynn takes place in Basignani’s quaint and inviting tasting room.  The walls are aligned with vintage wine bottles from all over the world. We discuss how she got started in the business and how her role evolved over time.  Lynn shares with us her favorite wine they make and their brick oven pizza.  OMG!  You have to go to Basignani for their brick oven pizza.  A perfect Friday night is sitting on Basignani’s lawn, a glass of Lorenzino Reserve and their mushroom pizza.  That is good living!

We also talk about Basignani’s newest project, its wine club.  Their wine club replaced their case club.  We talk about why it was important to make this change to the wine club and building a better relationship with their loyal customers.  If you are fan of Basignani’s wines, you can visit or contact them to learn more about their wine club.

Our chat with Lynn was a great way to start a winter Saturday morning.  Please enjoy my time with Lynn.



Stay tuned for more videos in March.  We love to hear from you.

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