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Let The Events in Your Life Build Your Wine Collection

Your Life Will Inspire Your Wine Collection

Collecting wine can be a serious and expensive hobby.  Collectors spend limitless hours researching to determine the perfect wine to add to their collection.  Not to mention, thousands and thousands of dollars are spent purchasing wine and building the proper storage facility to protect their wine investment.  What do you do if you do not what to dedicate limitless time and money, but you want to want a well stock collection?  Start building your wine collection by the occasions in your life.  Allow the events in your life to dictate what you include in your collection.  Here is an easy guide to build your home collection.

Wine Collection


After Work, Your Everyday Wine

There is nothing like hearing the cork pop, pouring the first glass of wine, and taking that long-awaited sip after a busy day.  You make sure this wine is always handy. You pick up a bottle or two when you are running errands.  This is your go to wine… you enjoy it on a regular basis.  It pairs with many of your dinner options or enjoyed solo.   Believe or not you have already started your collection.  Having a few bottles of your go to wine is a good place to start.  Not every wine collection began with a rare bottle of Chateau-Neuf-Du-Pape.  It begins with, “oh I like this wine and I want to get some more so I can continue to enjoy it. “


Girlfriends Night / Company is Coming

Your girlfriends decided to have an impromptu wine and dish session at your house.  Maybe your husband invites a few friends over for dinner.  For these occasions, your collection should include wines that are pleasing to most palates.  They will complement the food you serve.

Avoid wines that have these extreme characteristics:

  • White wines with high acidity and/or high alcohol, such as Soave, some Pinot Gris,
  • Dry red wines with high tannin and/or high alcohol like big flavorful California Cabernet Sauvignon, earthy and full body Malbec, or
  • Sweet and fruit wines, like Mascato.

Your collection should include full body white wines, like an unoaked Chardonnay from Mendoza.  A regional Viognier or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are medium to full body which will please most palates. You can find these wines at most price points.

Merlot and Pinot Noir are medium reds you should consider.  If you prefer old world wines, an Italian Chianti Classico and Spanish Tempranillo are good to add to your collection.

Bordeaux or Bordeaux style wines are excellent to share with others.  Offering finely crafted blend elevates your wine profile and takes the guess work out of selecting single varietal.  You can never go wrong with blends.


Holidays / Special Occasions 

Sparkling wines are a win-win.  Always keep a few bottles in your chiller.  Sparkling not only make a celebration special but it pairs with almost any food. 

Rosés are also very versatile.  Still or sparkling Rosés complement most meals and desserts.  Rosés are no longer considered the transition wine between winter and summer.  They can be served with Thanksgiving dinner as well as Easter brunch.

Include a dessert wine like a Port to complete your collection.  Ports are perfect after dinner drink or to serve with dessert.  If Port or Port-style wines invokes images of old men in smoking jackets and cigars, try late harvest Rieslings or Vidal Blancs.  They range from semi-dry to sweet.  They can be served with dessert or a cheese plate.

Remember let the events in your life inspire your wine collection.  You will build great memories and good collection at the same time.

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