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wine bar at home ideas

Let’s Create A Home Wine Bar

 wine bar at home ideas

Wine Bar at Home Ideas

June is a busy month.  Weddings, graduations, Father’s Day, anniversaries are just some of the celebrations in June.  Celebrations are fun often marking new beginnings or monumental occasions.  For the people attending the celebrations, it can be an investment. An investment in Hallmark™ cards and gift cards. Instead of investing in gift cards, invest in making more memories.  Let’s create a home wine bar to mark these milestone events.  A home wine bar can be as small or large as you make it.  Here are wine bar at home ideas.

Wine Glasses

I could and should write a separate blog on wine glasses.  You can get lost and confused trying to select the “right” type of wine glass.  Let’s keep it simple.  At the least, you should have three types of glasses: red, white and sparkling.  Purchase six of each type.  If you want to keep it funky and fresh, select a stemless glass.   Make the red wine glass the stemless glass.  It can double as a cocktail glass.

What is the difference among white, red and sparkling glasses?  It is all about the bowl (where you pour the wine). Red wine requires a larger bowl for the wine to breathe. It has more surface to air contact.   A smaller bowl is sufficient for white and sparkling wines. You can read Nisbets types of wine glasses blog for further information about what you should consider when purchasing wine glasses.

If you want to get fancy, coupe glasses make the wine bar look sophisticated. Coupe glasses are the timeless Champagne glasses. These glasses also super versatile. Not only are coupes an acceptable alternative to flutes for champagne, they can add drama to your cocktails or desserts. If you still have trouble deciding on selecting sparkling wine glasses, read Glass Matters: The Best Glass to Sip Sparkling Wine

Wine Pearls

Wine Pearls are the answer to the quick chill.  They keep wine chilled like whiskey stones. They can be used in red or white wine. The more pearls you use, the frostier your beverage gets. These stainless-steel ice-cubes chill without altering or diluting delicate flavors and without scratching wine glasses.


Wine Decanter

Decanters are gorgeous accents to any bar.  They can range in price from $30 to $300.  No matter what the price, the purposes are simple. Carefully decanting wines ensure the sediment remains in the wine bottle.  It separates the wine from the sediment. Secondly, decanting aerates the wine.  When wine is slowly poured from the wine bottle to a decanter the wine’s aromas and flavors become more apparent.

Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers can be decorative, ornate gifts.  Some stoppers can be monogram or personalized.  However, if you looking to preserve the wine you should select a practical solution like Silicone Wine Stopper or the vacuum seal stoppers.  These create a tight seal around the wine bottle lip preventing air from seeping in. These stoppers create a leak-proof, air-tight seal in virtually any size wine bottle.


Wine Opener

A good wine opener is as essential as breathing.  Nothing is worse than struggling to open a bottle of wine.  A good wine opener is a wino best friend.  I cannot begin to tell you which is the best is to use. It is about personal preference.  A wine key is my favorite. It is small, easy for me to use and I have one in every handbag I own (literary). You never know when you have to open a bottle.  A girl has to be prepared.

Here are a few tips you should consider when purchasing a wine opener.  Make sure you have a foil cutter apparatus with the wine opener.  You do not want shards of foil in your wine.  The wine opener should have a good grip when you are handling the wine bottle.  If you are selecting an electric opener, make sure it has a good battery life.  I hate when you have the opener sitting on the charger all day and a few minutes off the charger the opener is died.



If your gift recipient has more than 20 to 30 bottles in their house or apartment at any one time, then it is time to start considering wine storage.  Check out our holiday gift giving guide about purchasing a wine cooler.

However, most people just starting out will only have a few bottles at a time.  A single bottle wine chiller keeps the wine bottle chilled longer.  You can place the chiller in the freezer or fridge before the wine is ready to serve.  Make sure the chiller is well insulated.  These chillers come in multiple styles, such as  brushed stainless steel, marble, and electronic.

Happy gift giving.  Let us know if you are building your own wine bar. We would love to hear what you are doing.  Better yet, share your pictures with us on Instagram @vino301 or Facebook.

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