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Contemporary Winery at Eat. Drink. Go Local Festival

In a competitive market wine companies are now going above and beyond their competitors to win over the crowd with unique twists to classic favorites. Most recently, wine vendors from around the local area came together at “Eat. Drink. Go local: North Beach,” to explore the different flavors of the robust Maryland area wineries.


The Winery at Olney won over the crowd with their exotic flavored wines expertly handcrafted to be the perfect balance of new and old flavors. In just three years, the have become the third largest producer of wine in the state. It must have something to do with their specialty fruity wines. At the Winery at Olney, they offer flavors such as peach chardonnay, blackberry merlot, and raspberry peach sangria. Who knew the perfect combination of those flavors would create such a delicious drink. tasting menu olney


In addition to their expertly crafted wines you have the power to create your own handcrafted masterpiece. Once you choose one of the thirty different wines they have to offer, you will mix, stir, and add yeast to your batch. You will then return four to five weeks later to create a label for your wines. Check out how to get started today!

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