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Wine Festival Season Is Here: Tips To Navigating Maryland Wine Festivals

Decanter Wine Festival is when Maryland’s horse racing and wine traditions are celebrated.  It is also the official start of the wine festival season in Maryland.  Before you dust off your wine lanyard, and remove your picnic basket from storage, here are some tips on how to traverse the wine festival season.


  1. It is a marathon and not a sprint. There is a lot to see, taste, and experience at festivals.  You need a plan.  Do not go to the tents near the entrance when you first arrive.  They are often crowded and overwhelming.  Start at the back and work your way to the front.  It is less crowded.  Also, most festivals provide a map or guide.  Use the guide to plan your route and you avoid missing your “must visit tents”.    You have to pace yourself. If not, you can burn out in the first hour.  Cider festival



  1. Find a new favorite wine. There are hundreds wines available for you to taste.  This is a great opportunity to find your next great wine. You cannot taste everything.  It is not possible.  Select a few varietals you want to taste that day include favorites and new to you varietals, like Petit Veridot, Cabernet Franc, or Vidal Blanc.   Start with tasting the whites, then reds, and finally sparklings and you will find a new favorite along the way.



  1. Take notes, after the first few wines you will forget what you like. The wineries have tasting menus listing the wines being poured.  Use the menus to record the wines you love.   After the first 20 wines, everything begins to taste the same.  If you are really sophisticate, use a small notebook to record you notes.  You avoid having multiple pieces of paper to refer to at the end of the day.    



  1. It is a tasting pour, not a glass of wine. Do not expect a glass of wine when you are tasting. The wineries will give you 1 or 1.5-ounce pour of each wine.  You can ask for a second pour, but keep in mind it is just a sampling of wine.  You can always purchase a glass or bottle of wine if you really like it.traverse city wine festival



  1. Upgrade your admission pass if you can. Most festivals offer a general admission and VIP passes.  The general admission gives you access to tasting tents and food vendors.  The VIP pass cost a little more, but gives you a little more.  Usually you get access to exclusive events, like the premier wine tastings, food and wine demonstrations, and/or meet celebrity wine experts.  The VIP passes often include food, so you do not have to purchase food at the festival.



  1. Snack throughout your time at the festival. There are several vendors on site you can purchase food from. Some festivals allow you to bring food from home into the festival.  Check with the festival officials before you arrive to determine if you can bring your own food.  Regardless if you bring food or purchase food, take time to enjoy this food as well as the wine.  Your body will absorb less alcohol as a result.



  1. Drink water. You want to drink as much water as wine. Bring a water bottle with you so you can replenish throughout the day. You want to stay hydrated especially when the weather is warm.



  1. Use the dump bucket. You are not going to like every wine you try. The wineries provide a dump bucket or spittoon for you to discard the wine.  You will not offend the winery staff if you pour the wine out.  Some people will not swallow the wine and spit.  Spitting is acceptable. Do not be surprise by spitting.  Practice at home before you try it at the festival.



  1. Be Safe. Finally, the top tip for visiting festivals is to be safe.  Have a designated driver.  Many festivals offer designated driver tickets.  Utilize transportation services if everyone in your group will enjoy wine.  Food and Wine festivals, like Great Grapes or National Harbor Wine and Food festival, offers transportation with admissions.  Someone else can provide the transportation while you enjoy the festival.



You are now ready for this wine festival season. Enjoy, drink, and be safe.

Kicking off the Season with A Festival, Tasting and More!


Most recently, Vino 301 staff attended the Wine in the Woods festival on May 17, 2015.  The Wine in the Woods festival was held on May 16 and 17 on a beautiful sunny day in Columbia, MD . The upbeat atmosphere and music allowed for the diverse crowd to enjoy each other’s company, a day well spent sipping on wine and mingling with one another.  The park was packed with all sorts of wine lovers, from novice to grand tasters. Wine in the Woods is the unofficial kick off of the Maryland Wine Festival Season.  If you have been hibernating all wine along, this is your chance to taste what is new in  Maryland .

Here are  a wineries and  wines that caught our attention.

Red Heifer Company

If you prefer sweeter wines than Red Heifer is the place for you. This winery in Smithsburg, MD specializes in making sweet wines. Although they have only been in operation for a little less than three years, their wines attracted a large crowd.

Bordeleau Winery

Bordeleau Winery is located right outside the eastern shore between Salisbury and Princess Anne. The owner, Tom Shelton, shared with us how he has recently moved away from making vintage wines because he found difficulty with keeping the flavors consistent. Since he has moved away from making vintage wines, Tom says the quality and consistency of his wines has improved.

Orchid Cellar Winery

Located in Middletown, the Orchid Cellar Winery manufactures unique honey based wines. Their honey based wine creates a thick, sweet, and rich flavor that is loved by all. The honey cinnamon wine was a big hit at Wine in the Woods this past weekend.  People flocked to Orchid Cellars tasting post because of the distinctive flavors they offer.

Wine In the Woods was a great start to a summer filled with great wine festivals.  We look forward to another summer of  delicious wine, tasty food and good music you will find at the festivals.  Make sure you look for Vino 301 Tour Ambassadors and our fantastic interns at this summer’s events.  Here is a schedule of upcoming events in Maryland 2015 Maryland Wine Festivals Schedule



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