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Refreshing Sangria

Usher Summer in with Refreshing Sangria

Refreshing Sangria

Usher Summer in with Refreshing Sangria

We made it through the coldest, rainy spring ever.  The hot, hazy days of summer will be here soon.  (not complaining, just observing) I cannot think of a better way to greet summer than with a pitcher of refreshing Sangria.  You can buy Sangria mix at the store, but do not.  Sangria is easy to make and is the perfect summer drink. The cool thing about Sangria is it is all about taking your favorite wine, your favorite fruits, and experimenting with them.  We are sharing a couple of our recipes with you to get you started.


Sangria History:

The term “sangria” dates to the 18th century. It is generally believed to have been taken from the Spanish “sangre” (blood), in reference to the red color of the drink; some believe, however, that the word comes from Sanskrit via the Urdu “sakkari” (sugared wine), according to Wikipedia.  Water was unsafe to drink 2,000 years ago.  It was filled with bacteria. According to WineIntro, “The alcohol would take care of any bacteria in the drink. Most households made some wine from fruits and berries in the area. It was very natural to “liven things up” by adding more spices, fruits, and other items to the wine to give it a different flavor.”


Sangria Tips:

  1. Prep the day before – Chill your favorite red or white wines and mixers overnight to create a refreshing punch.
  2. Freeze the fruit, instead of chilling– Prep the fruit the day before and freeze it.  Squeeze a little lemon juice on the fruit to prevent the fruit from browning.
  3. Substitute the frozen fruit for ice – Ice will water down your drink.  The frozen fruit will keep your Sangria chilled.  You can buy frozen fruit too.
  4. Use a single varietal flavorful red wines – Use red wines that are big in flavor and aromas such as Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot
  5. Use medium body or sweet white wines – Medium body Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Riesling is a better white wine base than high acidic wine.
  6. Use a serving pitcher with a pinched lip – A pinched lip pitcher prevents the fruit and other solids from plopping into the glass and splashing.


Vino 301’s Sangria Recipes

We experimented and created our own concoctions. Here are a couple Sangria recipes to inspire you.  Have fun and create your own!

Refreshing Sangria

Rosé Watermelon & Honeydew Sangria

12 cups Watermelon

5 cups   Honeydew

15 Strawberries

1 Lemon

1 Bottle of dry Rosé

1 ½ cup Peach Brandy

4 Cups of Ginger Ale

  • Chop fruit (large chunks)
  • Puree 9 cups of watermelon and 4 cups of honeydew with ¼ cup of Brandy
  • Strain watermelon mixture
  • In a large decorative pitcher combine wine, brandy and ginger ale
  • Add watermelon mixture to wine mixture
  • Add remaining fruit



Basket of Berries Sangria

½ cup Raspberries

½ cup Blackberries

½ cup Strawberries

1 cup Apple Brandy

1 Bottle of dry red wine

12 oz Ginger Ale

Lemon slices


  • Combine fruit and place in a large pitcher
  • Add red wine, Brandy and ginger ale
  • Garnish with lemon slices and mint


What is your favorite Sangria?  Share your recipe with us in the comments session below.

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