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Powerhouse Winemaker, Lauren Zimmerman

Powerhouse Winemaker, Lauren Zimmerman

Celebrating Women in Maryland’s Wine Industry

Celebrating Women in Maryland’s Wine Industry

Last month I attended a ceremony honoring the 2018 Governor’s Cup Competition winners. The Governor’s Cup Competition is Maryland’s wine competition recognizing the state’s best wines.  Port of Leonardtown Winery was among the wineries of distinction honored at this reception.  Port of Leonardtown Winery (Leonardtown, MD) won top honors – Best in Show for its Barbera Reserve 2015.  Port of Leonardtown Winery didn’t stop there.  Their wines took home –not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN gold medals in 2018.  A first in Maryland winery history for a winery to win seven gold medals for seven of the eight wines entered in the competition.


Who?  Who is the person behind this history making event and leaving lasting impressions on Maryland’s wine industry? It is powerhouse winemaker, Lauren Zimmerman.  She is making finely crafted wines.  She answered the question asked for centuries: “Is wine making a science or an art?”  Her wines clearly demonstrate it is an art.  Winemaking starts with the science of fermenting grapes, but Port of Leonardtown wines end with priceless art.   In every glass is complexity, dimension, and passion that tells a story which only an artist could convey.  Please do not mis-interrupt my statement to imply technical skill is missing, which is frequently hinted when people describe female winemakers. It is a given these wines are technically solid.


Lauren has been mastering her craft for 14 years.  Her youthful appearance makes it hard to believe she has been in the industry for a stretch of time.  She literally started as a child and developed a love for all aspects of wine.


Our chat with Lauren took place at the newly renovated Port of Leonardtown Winery tasting room.  It is a great place to visit. Bring your friends, family, even your pet with you when you go wine tasting.  There is a park directly across from the tasting room.   The Winery is opened daily.  We recorded the video in barrel room. Hence, why we are wearing the coats in the video.  It was a special treat to be in the barrel room.  Visitors do not often have a chance to enter the processing area.


Our chat with Lauren was a perfect way to begin the weekend.  Please enjoy my chat with Lauren.



Stay tuned for more videos in March.  We love to hear from you about who you think should be celebrated this month.

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