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New Year’s Resolution: Try Wines New To You

New Year’s Resolution: Try Wines New To You

Happy New Year!  The euphoria of your New Year’s Eve celebration is fading.  By now, 2017 resolutions are starting to become your reality.  Why did you decide to start your diet today? There are still Christmas cookies in the kitchen. Ugh!!! Resolutions can be difficult to maintain.  Do you know that only 64% of resolutions are maintain beyond the first month? Only 46% of people maintain their New Year’s resolution beyond six months.  So why do we go through this exercise every year?

People like making a fresh start and improving upon themselves.  They like putting the past behind them and starting anew.  Of course, this opinion is purely speculation and based on my number of years watching Oprah.  However, there may be some truth to this statement. According to Statistic Brain, majority of resolutions focus on self-improvement or education related actions.

The team at Vino 301 is no different than the rest of America.  We want to start anew.  We are in a wine rut.  Tired of the some wine time after, time again. We resolve to broaden our wine knowledge and experiences. We are challenging ourselves to add new wines to our repertoire.   The staff is going to try at least 3 wines or grape varietals we have never experienced before.  We will share the tasting experiences with you on Vino 301 blog and on Twitter (@vino301wine) using the #winesnewtoyou.

Join us in this challenge!  Make 2017 the year you Try Wines New To You.  Below is an infographic of grape varietals categorize by white or red wine.  The wines are also identified by light, medium or full body.  You can select from the wines listed below or chart your own adventure. Share with us Try Wines New To You experiences and pictures by tweeting us or posting them to this blog.  Make sure you use #winesnewtoyou hashtag.


new year's resolution



This is a resolution that we can maintain beyond six months. Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!  We wish you all the success and prosperity in 2017.  Remember, let us know how you are doing with your challenge. Happy New Year to you again.


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