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Wine Club by Vino 301

Membership Rewards: Wine Club by Vino 301

Vino 301 is excited to announce our first membership club.  We love vineyard hopping and wine tasting with you.  We want to reward you with savings. Wine Club by Vino 301 is a rewards program for individuals who love to explore Maryland vineyards.   The more wine tours you take the greater the rewards and savings.  You can select the level of membership based on how many visits you take over a year.  You may select from any wine region (Patapsco, Heritage, Westminster and Chesapeake region) and specialty tours (Chocolate and Wine, Wine and Cheese, and Wine Beer & Spirits: A Beverage Adventure).

Membership Levels





Discounted Wine Tours





Free Lunch

Free Wine with Lunch

Cost Per Tour


$110 $118
Wine Club by Vino 301

Cost Per Tour

$76 $80.75



Bi-annually Tri-annually


wine club by Vino 301How does it work?

  • Join Wine Club by Vino 301 and select your membership level (silver, gold or platinum) you want
  • Make a 25% deposit.
  • Select gift card option and you will receive a voucher number at check out. Use this voucher number to book your tour at any time.
  • You will be billed quarterly for the balance of your Wine Club By Vino 301
  • You can book your tours at any time. Your membership pricing is listed. Visit Vino 301 booking website.


Rules:  Wine Club By Vino 301 membership is valid for a year.  Your membership starts from the date of purchase. Tours must be taken within that years.  Membership not renewed annually. You may cancel or upgrade your membership at any time. You are responsible for any unpaid portion of a wine tour taken.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Joining is easy! Click here to join

Vino 301 Wine Lovers Gift Giving Guide

2016 Vino 301 Gift Giving Guide


The holiday season is filled with so much joy and awe.  Vino 301 Team love bringing smiles to our guests faces.  Here are a few gifts that will bring smiles to your love ones faces. Enjoy Vino 301 gift giving guide!


Maryland Box

The Maryland Box is one of my very favorite gifts. It is all things local and as you know Vino 301 eats.drinks.lives local.  Maryland Box is a collection of all things Maryland.  How cool is that!?!  Maryland Box company creates collectible boxes of iconic Maryland items, like Old Bay and Fisher Popcorn. You should place orders today to receive by Christmas.


Traveler’s Gift

This is a must have for the wine lovers who purchase wine while traveling.  Shipping costs are outrage, especially if you are shipping wine internationally. It’s better to check your wine with your luggage. The Wine Check and Vin Garde Valise Grande sell luggage for wine bottles.  This luggage is also great for wine festivals. You can get the luggage in all sizes. Most of the pieces are versatile and can be used for other travel purposes.  The luggage can be purchased on Amazon.


Wine Glasses

I know, I know serious wine tasters insist wine should be poured in clear crystal wine glasses. If you are not hosting an official wine tasting why not have fun with your wine glasses.  Macy’s has fun, festive wine glasses.


Classic Wine Bottle Opener

This is how you make a statement.  A Vintners Standing Wine Opener is the classic bottle opener. It is very stately. It’s the type of old fashion bottle openers at viewed at vineyards and tasting rooms. The Vintners Standing Wine Opener can be purchased at  Pottery Barn


Wine Barrel Doggie Bowl

This gift is for a wine and dog lover.  I have seen a lot of furniture made from wine barrels, but never this. This is a first.  The wine barrel is a holder for your dog’s water and food bowls. The good folks at Bourbon and Boots hand craft these items.


Soy Candles

Unwined Candles is another great Maryland business.  The Unwined Candle company makes soy candles from re-purposed wine bottles.  You can purchase scented and/or unscented candles. Their store is located Sykesville, MD, but you can also purchase the candles from online retailers.


Wine Decanter

Cooper’s Hawk Winery recently opened a restaurant in Annapolis, MD.  You can purchase Cooper’s Hawk wine and wine accessories online.  The Rojaus Grapevine Decanter is an elegant wine tool.  The unique shape and structure aerates the wine and releases the bouquet.


Maryland Wine Tours

Vino 301 Wine Concierge tours are awesome gifts. A novice wine drinker to the ultimate wine enthusiasts will appreciate this gift.  The all-inclusive wine tours include transportation, tasting fees, Tour Ambassador, winery tour, wine glass, four bottle tote bag, and snacks.  Tours are available year round.


Wine Club Subscription

There are over 72 vineyards and wineries in Maryland.  There is almost one in every county.  You can purchase Maryland wine online or at the vineyards. All the wineries have a wine club membership in increments of quarterly, bi-annual or annual memberships.  You can contact Maryland Wine Association to find a winery near you.

Looking for more inspiration, view Vino 301’s Pinterest Gift Giving Guide page.  Happy shopping and happy Holidays.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Add a Maryland Distillery Visit to Your Wine Travels



I am a self-professed wino. I am not alone. There are hundreds probably millions of people who are equally passionate about wine if not more.  Another beverage would not compare.  When offered a beer or whiskey, we politely turn up our nose.

So why am I writing about adding a Maryland distillery to your wine travels?  No, I have not been sitting in the sun too long.  Spirits tasting is very similar to wine tasting. Adding a whiskey or rum tasting along your wine travels will be a pleasant surprise.


Here are three reasons why you should try to visit a  Maryland distillery.


  1. Spirits and wine are more alike than you think

Wines share the same characteristics as spirits.  For example, Nebbiolo or Barolo are full-bodied Italian reds that have a wide range of aromas and flavors.  You will find those similar aromas and flavors in many whiskeys. Compare for yourself at Cassinelli Winery and Distillery (Chestertown, MD).  Sample Cassinelli’s 2010 Barbera Reserve and its Corn Whiskey and see if you detect the same flavor notes.   Sauvignon Blanc has similar botanical notes like gin.  Tell the tasting room host what characteristics you enjoy in wine, this will help them serve you a rum, whiskey or gin with those similar notes.Cassinelli Winery and Distillery


  1. Spirits can be sweet or dry

Just like wine…spirits can be produced to be sweet or dry. Gin, specifically, has this versatility.  Adding flavor agents can achieve complexity, and entirely unique flavor profile. Springfield Winery & Distillery (Thurmont, MD) uses these techniques to enhance the tasting experience.  Springfield’s vodka and gin are infused with lavender.  The lavender is subtle distraction from gin’s traditional juniper flavor.

Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery


  1. Spirits tasting is available at your traditional wine tasting


If you do not want to choose between wine or spirits, you do not have to. You can do both at  Fiore Winery & Distillery (Pylesville, MD).  Fiore is the quintessential Italian winery (in Maryland).  Mike and Rose Fiore, owners and winemakers, have been making wine for over 30 years.  Visiting Fiore Winery and Distillery is like taking a trip to a Tuscan countryside.  After your wine tasting you are treated to Limoncello or Grappa.  Both are liqueurs served as an after dinner drink.   You experience traditions of Italy along your entire visit to this Maryland distillery.Fiore WInery & Distillery


Give it a try and visit a Maryland distillery.  Email me or post your comments and let me know about your experience. Will you add local spirits to your wine travels?

Maryland Wine Week is July 18 – July 26

Maryland is proudly home to award winning wines, but it doesn’t end there. Maryland takes pride in producing many unique styles of wine from bubbly fruit wines to sharp elegant red wines and everything in between! There is no doubt that every palate will surely be pleased by the variety of wines Maryland has to offer.  We believe the craftsmanship that goes into each glass of wine on your table and bottle of wine in your rack deserves to be recognized. What better way to celebrate our local business producing our favorite wine then to celebrate all week long.. Maryland Wine Week!


This amazing event will take place from July 18-26.  Local restaurants, wine shops, and bars will be featuring Maryland Wine and other local products.  This is a way to support Maryland’s local industries.


Of course Vino301 will be participating, every week is wine week for us! We offer several different tour packages to please all of the wine lovers. Some of our most popular packages include Maryland Regional Wine Tours, Chocolate and Wine Tours, Girls Day Out, and custom wine tour tastings. Vino 301 is offering wine tours

  • July 17 – Patapsco Valley Region
  • July 18 –  Heritage Region
  • July 19 –  Westminster Region
  • July 24 – Patapsco Valley Region
  • July 25  – Patapsco Valley Region
  • July 26 – Heritage Region

Whatever the occasion we hope you make the time to come out and celebrate wine week with the ones who know it best, Vino301.  You can book a tour Click Here


So, when you are dining out make sure you ask for Maryland wine.  Check out  Maryland Wine Week Schedule & Participating Vendors for more information.

Family Friendly Independence Day Weekend Activities at Maryland Wineries

Tired of the traditional cookout, or going to the grandparents for Independence day? Try going to a Maryland winery or vineyard!  I know you wonder, what do I do with the kids?  No worries, bring the kids.  Yes, the wineries are indeed kid friendly. In fact, there will be many activities for the little one to participate in. The activities range from getting their faces painted, to arts and crafts, so let the kids enjoy themselves bounce while you indulge on some mouth-watering wines. In honor of our Independence Day, several wineries across the state will be hosting events. Here are a few events that will occur this weekend.Family Friendly Wineries


Don’t wait until Saturday to get the festivities started! Start a day early! On July 3, Basignani Winery having a movie night to kick things off.  Bring your blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy Mama Mia while sipping on some of their luscious wines. A small fee of $12 covers the movie, popcorn, and wine tasting.  This event will run from 6:00PM- 11:00PM on Friday night. Get your tickets today!


Join Big Cork Vineyard Saturday, from 2:00pm -5:00pm for their 4th  of July BBQ. They will have numerous food vendors loved by all. For the kids, they will have a bouncy house, balloon animals and face painting. Admission is free, so pack up your car and go! Moonbounce at Big Cork Vineyard


Running Hare Vineyard is hosting a fourth of July event also. Check out their 4th of July in the Vineyard. Enjoy Pizza Nocciano’s irresistible wood-fired pizza.  Running Hare Vineyard shares its home with Calvert’s Brewing Company.  Calvert’s Brewing Company’s will be serving beers.  Angie Miller will be performing live from 1:00PM-5:00PM, then from 6:00PM-10:00PM the Hot Buttered Nuggets will entertain you well into the night. A small price of $8 covers all of the beer and wine tastings as well as the live music.


Visit Maryland Wine Association for more information and to find an event near you this weekend.  Check out the site today! Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration! DSCF1064

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