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how much wine do you serve at a wedding

How Much Wine Do You Serve At A Wedding

How Much Wine Do You Serve At A Wedding Reception

There are so many decisions a bride and groom have to make for the wedding reception. Plated dinner or buffet, band or DJ, open or cash bar are just a few of  questions they have to answer? Our guide to “How Much Wine Do You Serve At A Wedding Reception” will hopefully help you when you are stocking your bar for your wedding reception.


1) Wine, Beer & Spirits: Your decision on how much wine to serve should be based on whether you are serving other alcoholic beverages.  It is common for only beer and wine to be served.   Believe it or not, your guests will drink more beer than wine.  Three bottles of beer to everyone 1 glass will be served.  Sixty percent of your guests will drink beer.

Signature cocktails are among the latest trends at receptions. Whether you decide to have a signature cocktail or a fully stock bar, your guests’ wine consumption is less than 40 percent.  Beer consumption drops significantly.  Guests consume 35% wine,  20 % beer, and 45% cocktails.   How Much Wine You Should Serve at a Wedding Reception


2) Wine Consumption:  You should plan to serve one glass of wine for each hour of the reception.  An 750 ml bottle contains approximately 5 glasses of wine.   Here is a simple formula when Beer and wine are served:

4 hours Reception  and 100 guests

  • 40 guests (only 40% of guests will drink wine) x  1 glass per hour = 40 glasses
  • 40 glasses x 4 hours = 160 glasses
  • 160 glasses / 5 glasses =  32 bottles of wine


3)  Time of Year /Indoor & Outdoor Wedding:  Red and white wine will equally be consumed at an indoor wedding and during winter, spring and fall  weddings.   However, white and sparkling wines consumption will be greater during summer or outdoor weddings. People find white and sparkling wines refreshing during warmer weather.  Sixty percent of white and sparkling wines and 40% red wine should be served at your bar.  This recommendation does not take in consideration the meal served.  You should also plan your wine and meal pair in your wine calculations.


4) Champagne/Sparkling: Sparkling wine (Champagne, Prosecco, etc.) is mainly used for toasting the bride and groom. Two glasses of sparkling wine per guest is the standard.  You can pour 6  glasses of sparkling wine from a standard 750ml bottle. You get more glasses per bottle out of sparkling wine because of the bubbles and the shape of the champagne flute. So here is an example calculation:

  • 100 guests x 2 glasses each = 200 glasses
  • 200 glasses / 6 glasses per bottle = ~34 bottles

Now that you know how much wine you will serve. Wish you all the best in planning your dream wedding.

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