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Snow Day Delight: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

 Red Wine Hot Chocolate


Snow days are fun to try Pinterest recipes you always wanted to try, but never do.  Yesterday’s snow day was no exception.  There is a red wine hot chocolate recipe that looks so good.  You add red wine to creamy hot chocolate.  Ummm, chocolate and wine!!! This recipe is my cooking bucket list.  A snow day was the perfect day to make a decadent, warm beverage.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate


The original recipe calls for dark chocolate chunks, red wine and milk.  Good right!?!  Reading the recipe I anticipated there may be problems.  Dark chocolate is a heart healthy candy.  This is the chocolate doctors recommend you have daily.  It has potent antioxidants similar to red wine.  Dark chocolate is bitter and the lest sweet chocolate.  This is why it pairs well with red wine, likes with likes.  Red wine’s high tannin level puts it on the high end of the bitter scale.   The combination is normally a perfect  pairing, but not for hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate is sweet.  The recipe needed sugar.  It is too savory.   The recipe needs a “Fashion Emergency” makeover.  I answered the call of duty.


Here is the recipe makeover:


Snow Day Delight:  Red Wine Hot Chocolate


12 oz     Milk

6             Tablespoons Hot Chocolate Mix. Use a mix that requires milk.

4 oz        Cabernet Sauvignon (to taste)

Whip Cream (Optional)

Chocolate Shavings (Optional)

2 servings

Hints:  This is not a dieter recipe.  Recommend using 2% or whole milk.


Make sure you use a really good chocolate mix. This is what makes the difference in the recipe.


Combine milk and chocolate mix. Do not substitute water. You want the hot chocolate creamy. Heat, while stirring until steaming. Do not boil.


Add Cabernet Sauvignon and stir. Remove from heat when wine is completely blended. Use a full body red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc). Do not use an expense wine. You can get a good wine for under $20.



Pour hot chocolate mixture in your favorite mug.



Garnish with whip cream and chocolate shavings. Sip, enjoy and repeat

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