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Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Still Drink Wine

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Still Drink Wine

Wine has several health benefits.  A few rewards are that it contains antioxidants, flavonoids that promote heart health, it slows the aging process, and it decreases your chances of getting chronic diseases.  If wine is so great why do many modern diets discourage you from consuming wine?  Perhaps, dieters over indulge and dietitian recommend removing it rather than encouraging moderation. Dietitians consider wine as having “empty” calories and those calories could be better used elsewhere.  Nonsense!  Wine can give you a weight lost boost.  According to researchers, red wine contains a chemical called ellagic acid.  Ellagic acid slows the growth of existing fat cells and prevents the growth of new ones. So, do not give up your wine.  You can incorporate healthy simple tactics in your every life so you can continue to enjoy wine.  Here are a few approaches on how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and still drink wine.

 Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Still Drink Wine

Use a Smaller Wine Glass

 My wine glasses are huge.  They could be mistaken for portable wine tanks.  Easily, these glasses could hold 20 ounces.  I wanted to do my part in ending global warming. So, I bought them to conserve energy by only pour myself one glass of a wine a day. (Anything to help a cause.) However, these glasses are not recommended to sustaining a balance diet.  It sounds crazy, but the size of your wine glass influences how much wine you pour.  Experts suggest drinking a maximum of 5  to 6 ounces of wine daily. When you pour 5 ounces in a 20-ounce glass it looks like a drop in the bucket.  You tend to pour more because it appears to be smaller than it looks.  But, when you pour 5 ounces in an 8-ounce glass it looks like a lot of wine. Remember: the smaller the glass the bigger the pour appears.



Count Your Ounces

  A glass of wine at a restaurant is at least 40 percent more than your at home pour.  The average restaurant serves between 9 to 11 ounces. You have exceeded your daily allowance with one glass of wine when you dine out. Most people have two glasses of wine when they dine out.  That is 18 ounces or over half a bottle of wine.  You can avoid this by asking for a half of pour.  Most places are happy to accommodate you.




Avoid Drinking on an Empty Stomach


Would you have the fastest time for arriving at home from work to pouring yourself a glass of wine? Would you be gold medalist?  I would medal every time! I would set Olympic records. This is a practice many people do.  They pour themselves a glass of wine while they are unwinding down from the work day.  They may have a glass when they are preparing dinner.  Experts discourage drinking before you eat.  Your appetite increases when you drink on an empty stomach.  Alcohol is an appetite stimulant.  You will eat more and make poor food choices when you drink 30 minutes before eating.  Saving your wine for your meal. You can also try pre-planning your food options.  Have healthy snacks like fresh fruit, popcorn, or hummus available  while you are preparing your dinner or to snack on after a long day.


Drink Water

When you are tipsy you underestimate your food consumption and overeat.  Avoid this by drinking water. Drinking water increase that full feeling. Drink a glass of water between glasses of wine.  You should drink at least 8 to 12-ounces.  This will also have an effect on your blood alcohol level.  Your blood alcohol level will gradually increase, instead of rapidly escalating. Water will not prevent you from getting drunk, but it will slow the process.

Try these few actions and, you will see a difference in your lifestyle.

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