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Handcrafted Wine Racks

Purchasing wine can be an investment.  You want to make sure are properly storing your wine to maintain your investment. I have often dreamed about having a custom wine cellar. It is the ultimate in luxury.  However, most of us do not have the disposable income to build a wine cellar and have it installed in our home.

Do not despair, we have an alternative solution.  we can afford a handcrafted wine rack, or sports memorabilia made from vintage wood. A wine rack that is, in fact, compact and durable. Rich and Crystal Hill, the owners of Vintage Soul, have satisfied that need with their craftsmanship.sport racks

Vintage Soul, a company that began on a farm, has perfected in making durable wooden wine racks. Rich Hill has created masterpieces using his bare hands. You can customize your own wine rack to your own unique decor, beauty does come with a budget! For added flare, get the entire family involved with this project, it will create memories for generations to come along with a beautiful homemade wine rack!tier wine rack

If you are interested in getting a wine rack, or something for your man cave, you can contact him at: rcvintagesoul@gmail.com or 410-977-5575.

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