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Wine Advent Calendar… Great Way to Start Your Holiday

Wine Advent Calendar

The other day Carla, one of Vino 301’s dynamic Tour Ambassadors, was sharing with me she was trying to get a wine Advent calendar.   She was trying to get one of Aldi’s famous calendars but they were sold out. Yes, Aldi the grocery store sells wine, mostly outside the Washington-Baltimore Area.   We were only able to locate one Aldi store in Washington, DC which sells beer and wine.  It is located at 901 17th Street, N.E. Washington, D.C.  (click here to find a store near you)

Wine Aldi Advent Calendar

Immediately, I thought this world is a wonderful place. Twenty-four days of wine, life couldn’t be any better. If you not familiar with wine Advent calendar concept, let me explain.  Aldi’s wine Advent calendar is a lovely holiday season decorated box.  The box is numbered 1 through 24, representing each day of Advent.   Each number is perforated. Behind each number is a miniature bottle of wine. Beginning December 1, you puncture the countdown calendar on each day of Advent to retrieve a miniature bottle. Heaven, I say!  The box contains an assortment of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

You are probably wondering why am I telling you this since Aldi is sold out. Well, I found a couple other locations where you can get these calendars.  It is not too late.  You can order your wine calendar online or make your own.  But don’t wait too long.  These calendars are very popular and will sell out quickly.

Vinebox Advent Wine Calendar



If 24 bottles of wine are overwhelming start on a smaller scale. Vinebox offers 12 different glasses wine. Your box contains vinos from all different regions around the world.  You could possibly win free wine for the entire year.  If you receive a set with a special golden bottle, Win a year of wine with this wine advent calendar!  View the Advent Calendar under the Holiday section on Vinebox website. It retails $129.00

Give Them Beer

Give Them Beer  is an online store which offers wine Advent calendars.  Give Them Beer offers 12 half bottles of wine, each hidden behind a secret door to ring in the holiday season.  Each door includes a 375ml half bottle (or a split of champagne) to enjoy a few glasses or share with someone special. Delivered in a beautifully decorated box, the Wine Advent Calendar has 12 secret windows each revealing a special holiday treat. It retails $169.00

Make Your Own

You can make your own calendar.  Amazon.com has a cardboard box features 12 doors, revealing compartments that are perfectly sized for stashing minis. All you have to do is stock up on the minis at your local liquor store to create your own customized calendar. It retails $14.99

Let us know if you buy or create your own Advent wine calendar.  Post your pictures on our Facebook pageEach product featured has been independently selected and reviewed. If you make a purchase using the links included a commission may be earned.


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