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Vino 301 Wine Lovers Gift Giving Guide

2016 Vino 301 Gift Giving Guide


The holiday season is filled with so much joy and awe.  Vino 301 Team love bringing smiles to our guests faces.  Here are a few gifts that will bring smiles to your love ones faces. Enjoy Vino 301 gift giving guide!


Maryland Box

The Maryland Box is one of my very favorite gifts. It is all things local and as you know Vino 301 eats.drinks.lives local.  Maryland Box is a collection of all things Maryland.  How cool is that!?!  Maryland Box company creates collectible boxes of iconic Maryland items, like Old Bay and Fisher Popcorn. You should place orders today to receive by Christmas.


Traveler’s Gift

This is a must have for the wine lovers who purchase wine while traveling.  Shipping costs are outrage, especially if you are shipping wine internationally. It’s better to check your wine with your luggage. The Wine Check and Vin Garde Valise Grande sell luggage for wine bottles.  This luggage is also great for wine festivals. You can get the luggage in all sizes. Most of the pieces are versatile and can be used for other travel purposes.  The luggage can be purchased on Amazon.


Wine Glasses

I know, I know serious wine tasters insist wine should be poured in clear crystal wine glasses. If you are not hosting an official wine tasting why not have fun with your wine glasses.  Macy’s has fun, festive wine glasses.


Classic Wine Bottle Opener

This is how you make a statement.  A Vintners Standing Wine Opener is the classic bottle opener. It is very stately. It’s the type of old fashion bottle openers at viewed at vineyards and tasting rooms. The Vintners Standing Wine Opener can be purchased at  Pottery Barn


Wine Barrel Doggie Bowl

This gift is for a wine and dog lover.  I have seen a lot of furniture made from wine barrels, but never this. This is a first.  The wine barrel is a holder for your dog’s water and food bowls. The good folks at Bourbon and Boots hand craft these items.


Soy Candles

Unwined Candles is another great Maryland business.  The Unwined Candle company makes soy candles from re-purposed wine bottles.  You can purchase scented and/or unscented candles. Their store is located Sykesville, MD, but you can also purchase the candles from online retailers.


Wine Decanter

Cooper’s Hawk Winery recently opened a restaurant in Annapolis, MD.  You can purchase Cooper’s Hawk wine and wine accessories online.  The Rojaus Grapevine Decanter is an elegant wine tool.  The unique shape and structure aerates the wine and releases the bouquet.


Maryland Wine Tours

Vino 301 Wine Concierge tours are awesome gifts. A novice wine drinker to the ultimate wine enthusiasts will appreciate this gift.  The all-inclusive wine tours include transportation, tasting fees, Tour Ambassador, winery tour, wine glass, four bottle tote bag, and snacks.  Tours are available year round.


Wine Club Subscription

There are over 72 vineyards and wineries in Maryland.  There is almost one in every county.  You can purchase Maryland wine online or at the vineyards. All the wineries have a wine club membership in increments of quarterly, bi-annual or annual memberships.  You can contact Maryland Wine Association to find a winery near you.

Looking for more inspiration, view Vino 301’s Pinterest Gift Giving Guide page.  Happy shopping and happy Holidays.

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The Coravin is the Ultimate Wine Lover’s Gift

This summer I fell in love.  I didn’t think it was possible, but I did.  I fell in love with most amazing wine gadget.  In this industry you come across a lot of wine gadgets.. some good, mostly bad. You become enamored, but not in love.


At the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference, I witnessed an impossible feat.  Well, what I thought was impossible. Pour a glass of wine without removing the cork. Yes, you read it correctly.  The wine bottle opener permits you to pour wine with the cork remaining in the bottle.  What wine bottle opener allows you to perform this action?  It is a Coravin Wine SystemWitness how the Coravin works.


I know this sounds like an infomercial, but it is the ultimate tool for a wine lover.  Wine typically last 3 to 5 days once you remove the cork.  The Coravin allows you to enjoy the wine longer.  The wine is not exposed and your consumption time is lengthen.  I fell in love when I learned this fact.  I could enjoy a bottle of wine without worrying about it expiring.  You had me at Coravin.


The Coravin can only be used on natural corks and not synthetic corks or screw tops.  Also, avoid using the opener on sparkling wines.  The Coravin retails at $299.00.  It is an investment and cannot be compared to your typical wine bottle opener.  The wine bottle opener is worth the investment for those who invest in their wine.


Treat the wine lover in your life, which may be you. You are worth it.






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