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Wine, Ice Cream = A New Way to Enjoy Wine at the Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival

The Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival was a lively day filled with great opportunities to explore the vast world of food and wine. Located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, the Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival was a huge success. Friends and families from across the state gathered together to taste the delicious food and wines the vendors had to offer. The food ranged from Caribbean beef patties to Good ol’ American burgers. And yes, they did have an ice cream station for the children. They also provided live music for everyone to enjoy. The music played consisted of classic rock to old school funk.


The vendor that stood out the most was WineCream. Man was it interesting! We all know that wine can be used for many purpose, like a base in a cocktail. Who knew that you could make wine ice cream?!?  WineCream has done it! You may ask yourselves how does it work? Well, first, you pick your wine. Lets say mixed berry for example. Then you mix it with an Ice cream base. Once you have done that it is flashed frozen with liquid nitrogen. And there you have it! A delicious 6 ounce cup of wine ice cream that contains the same alcohol content as a normal glass of wine.




Crossroad Company, creators of WineCream, is a small family-run business of Baltimore, Maryland.  They make their delicious creams made to order, so every serving of WineCream has a distinct twist and unique flavor loved by all. Check out Crossroad Company’s website to find out what festival their scrumptious WineCream will be next http://www.crossroadco.com/schedule/.


The combination of great food, delicious wines, and exhilarating music resulted in the Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival complete success. If you are interested in attending another event like this, visit the Maryland Wine Association Festival page for more Maryland festivals. Click here for details Maryland Wine Festivals.

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