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I Heart Wine: Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

I Heart Wine: Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

February 18 is National Drink Wine Day.   No, I did not make this up to promote more tours.  Yes, this is a real holiday. National Drink Wine Day was created to celebrate the ceremony and popularity of drinking wine.  Drinking wine is woven into the fabric of our culture for over 6,000 years. Which got me thinking. Something that has been around as long as wine must have some intrinsic value other than a perfect pairing with chocolate.


So, I began investigating what are the benefits of drinking wine.  And as a matter of fact, wine consumption has health benefits.  Moderate wine consumption has several health benefits, especially for your heart.  It could be a coincidence that National Drink Wine Day shares the same month as National Wear Red Day.  National Wear Red was February 3.  It is a part of the Go Red for Women campaign launched by the American Heart Association. The Campaign is to bring aware to heart disease and how it effects women.  It is not fortuitous that we recognize wine and heart health in the same month.  I heart wine, and here some reasons why you should heart wine too.


  1. Longer lives – According to the American Heart Association one to two glasses of wine has a positive effect on wine drinkers.  Wine drinkers have 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirit drinks.


  1. Protects your heart – Red wine contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant compound. Resveratrol protects your heart and arteries against the effects of saturated fat in your diet.


  1. Promotes the good cholesterol –  Red wine raises the good HDL cholesterol.  Flavonoids and sapponins are in red wine.  These elements help to prevent blood clots and protects your arteries from the damage from the cholesterol. The also help to protect your heart against cardiovascular disease.


health benefits of drinking wine


There are many other health benefits linked to wine.  Cancer, type two diabetes and tooth decay are among the diseases wine will help to prevent.  These benefits are recognized when you wine is consumed in moderation.  What is moderation?  It depends on who you ask. Some articles say no more than two 5 ounce glasses.  One article, states no more than 24 ounces a day.  I will let you be the judge.  There is one thing they all agree on is that wine, specifically red wine, has tremendous benefits for long health.  Raise your glass and drink to wine and its healing powers.

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