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Maryland WineTours Starting June 20

Vino 301 Safety Standards for COVID-19 FAQs

Will masks or face coverings be required?

  • Yes, the use of appropriate face coverings is required. Vino 301 Tour Ambassadors are required to wear face coverings during tours. The use of proper face coverings by Tour Ambassadors and Guests is required for all your party members throughout your trip while you are riding in the vehicle

What if I forgot my mask, will masks be provided to Guests?

  • Disposable masks are available; however, Guests without masks will not be allowed to participate on the tour.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?

  • Given this unprecedented situation, we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate these challenges as responsibly as we can. With our robust measures in place, we believe a critical factor in our success in resuming wine tours will be our Guests’ acceptance and adherence to our rules.

How do I taste wine wearing a mask?

  • You can’t. You can remove your mask when you are outdoors, participating in the wine tasting or eating outside. (Box lunches)

What protective measures are Vino 301 Tour Ambassadors taking?

  • Contactless temperature tests.  Guests and staff temperatures will be tested before allowing entry onto the vehicle. (Acceptable temperature 97°F (36.1°C) to 98.6°F (37°C))
  • Mandate use of masks.  Guests and staff will wear masks in our vehicles.
  • Install Partition Shield. The barrier between Guests and Vino 301 Tour Ambassador in the vehicle.

How many people will be allowed on tour?

  • We are operating at 60 percent capacity of our vehicles.  For instance, only eight people will be allowed in our 12 passenger vehicles. The eight passengers include driver, Tour Ambassador, and 6 Guests.   We will leave the middle seats empty.

What if I have more than 6 people in my group?

  • Maryland vineyards are only accommodating groups of 6 or fewer people, except households larger than six people.  We will not be able to accommodate larger groups at this time.

Will Guests be able to drink and eat in the vehicle?

  • No, for now. Guests will not be able to eat and drink.  Guests must wear masks while riding in the vehicle. 

Will Vino 301 still provide snacks and water?

  • Guests can enjoy snacks and water at the vineyards and wineries.  (snacks prepackage, hand wipes)

Will Vino 301 offer a lunch option?

  • We will offer box lunches instead of our family-style service.  We want to limit communal contact with the food. Individual wrap utensils and napkins will be available.

I booked a wine tour before COVID-19, and it was postponed.  What should I do?

  • Vino 301 will contact you to reschedule your wine tour. You can also contact us when you are ready to reschedule at  info@vino301.com or call us at 301.807.2683

What is the latest date that I can reschedule my wine tour?

  • You have until March 2021 to take your tour.

I heard the vineyards are less crowded during the week.  Will Vino 301 offer tours during the week? 

  • Yes, we are starting in July.

Do guests need to wear masks when they’re outside?

  • Guests are only required (by law) to wear masks indoors, though some guidance suggests asking guests to wear masks when not consuming products when moving around and interacting with staff.

Will vineyards offer tours of their facilities?

  • Tours are not currently permitted. These will likely be permitted under Phase 2.

Will Vino 301 cancel a tour because of inclement weather?

  • We will try to adjust to the schedule when it rains. Many vineyards will provide outdoor covering. Physical distancing of a minimum of 6′ between parties must be observed.

As of June 3, 2020

Vino 301 Postponed Wine Tours

Cheers Guests and Friends,

Before every tour, I send a message to our tour ambassadors and drivers.  The message always states, “Have a great day and be safe“.  Safety is one of Vino 301’s most important values. 

In light of all of the closures and the day-by-day changes, we have decided to postpone our tours until Maryland’s Governor has released the state of emergency.  Everything will be rescheduled once things are under control. 

If you have a tour scheduled, we will contact you to make other arrangements. 

We will extend our FREE Lunch promotion through May 31. 

extended promotion
Maryland Wine Month Promotion

This to shall pass and we will be back at the wineries. In the meantime, you can purchase Vino 301 gift certificates for future trips.

We appreciate your thoughtful words, emails, and messages. We miss you already and pray that COVID-19 is contained soon. Stay well and healthy.


Leslie Frelow

Updated April 12, 2020

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