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Best Ways to Pair Wine with Cigars

Whether we are talking about a warm autumn afternoon or an elegant socializing evening, wine and cigars are some of the best matches for you to have a fantastic taste experience. We already associate cigars with elegance and class and wine is definitely considered one of the noblest and emblematic drinks in the world. Pairing the two of them is a palate-pleasing experience.   Consider some guidelines to follow to ensure you enjoy this amazing taste journey.

White wine vs. Red Wine

Select likes with likes when you pair white wine with a cigar.  Try a medium bodied wine, like Torrentés, Chablis or Vinho Verde with light or medium-bodied cigar.  The flavors and undertones will brilliantly convey.  If you like Chardonnay, select a stainless-steel aged wine.  Oak barrel Chardonnay will overwhelm a light or medium bodied cigar. 

Best Ways to Pair Wine with Cigars

  Red wine, like Cabernet Franc, Meritage, and Tannat, has richer flavors and a more fuller body.  Fuller bodied wines goes perfectly with medium and even medium to full-bodied cigars. A perfect match for red wine can be a H.Upmann No.2 thanks to the fact that is has a woody undertone that can complement the wine’s tannic composition and bold flavors.

Pinot Noir can be quite challenging to pair. This wine is full of personality. It often proves incredibly delicious but yet very temperamental. A good pair for this wine has to be of equal power and a full-bodied cigar from Bolivar can be the perfect match in the battle of flavors and taste for this specific wine.

Sweet vs. Dry

It is important to consider the flavor palette of the cigar. If the cigar tends to be more on the leathery or nutty side, it is better to pair it with a dry wine because they can balance each other better.

The evolution of the cigar, while it is smoked, is also significant.  A drier wine that has wood, leather, earthy, and nutty undertones can sweeten the flavor of the cigar.  These wine flavors will bring forward the personalities of both the cigar and the wine.

  Semi-dry and sweet wines go perfectly with fruity and floral cigars. They will balance the taste of each other without displaying major differences in terms of undertones.

Old vs. New

A young wine tends to have a higher acidity, which means that it will be an excellent match for a young cigar. The best way to identify a young cigar is by looking at the wrapper. A light color indicates a short aging time, and a deep brown shows many years of aging.

Aged wine has a more intense personality when it comes to the taste. The bouquet is more diverse and the bursts of flavor are more intense. A matching cigar will have a similar personality and this is why cigars such as Maduro are an excellent match. This way the two powerful personalities will manage to compliment each other in the perfect aroma dance.

Pairing wine and cigars are exciting and delightful tasting experiences one can have thanks to the fantastic diversity of aromas and undertones.

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