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Moscato Love it or Leave It

National Moscato Day: Moscato Love It or Leave It

If there was ever a divisive wine, it is Moscato.  People have extreme opinions about Moscato.  You either love it or leave it.  There isn’t a middle ground.  People strong feelings center around the same issue.  SUGAR.  Those individuals on Team Moscato love its sweetness.  They love the honeysuckle, pear and orange bloom flavors.  The grape’s natural aromatics and flavors are so sweet and fruity, which influences the perception of a higher sugar level than it is actually present. Anything but Moscato Team dislikes the higher residual sugar in some Moscato. Residual sugar is grape sugars leftover in a wine after the alcoholic fermentation finishes.

Moscato Love it or leave it

Interestingly, Moscato is more significant than its sweetness.  There are multiple styles of Moscato.  Sparkling is a popular style in Italy. Moscato d’Asti (semi-sparkling) and Asti Spumante (sparkling) are commonly served with bbq, fish and hearty vegetable dishes.


There are drier styles. In Maryland, Xella Winery and Vineyard (Laurel Grove, MD) makes a drier Moscato. “Almost’cato is a re-imagined take on the popular Moscato style wine. This dry white wine is bold with a hint of sweet-tart and granny smith apple to accentuate the natural”, as described by Xella.  It is worth a try.

Xella Winery and Vineyard

credit: Xella Winery and Vineyard


Let’s join hands today and celebrate National Moscato Day. May 9 is National Moscato Day was created in 2012 by the Gallo Family Vineyards, according to NationalCalendarDay.com.  Here are some facts about Moscato:

  1. Muscat Blanc is the grape used to make Moscato.
  2. Muscat Blanc is one of the oldest known variety of grapes grown in the world.
  3. Moscato is now the fastest growing wine on the American market, growing at a rate of 25 percent a year for the last three years, and it shows no signs of stopping. (Vinepair.com)
  4. HIP HOP stars like Drake, L’il Kim, has influenced the popularity of Moscato.

In observation of National Moscato Day, try a Moscato new to you.  You may become a life long Team Moscato member.

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