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2018 Maryland Wine Festival Guide

2018 Maryland Wine Festival Complete Guide

2018 Maryland Wine Festival

2018 Maryland Wine Festival Complete Guide

Wine in the Woods is this weekend, May 19 – 20, 2018, in Columbia, MD.  Wine in the Woods is the unofficial kick off of the 2018 wine festival season in Maryland.  This festival is a large outdoor festival featuring over 30 wineries and vineyards from Maryland.  For 25 years, the festival has included wine tastings, food vendors, crafts and live music.

Wine in the Woods attracts hundreds, if not thousands of people.  It is an annual pilgrimage for some.  A time once a year to reunite with old friends and enjoy great wine.  For most, it is a sign summer is almost here.

If you cannot attend Wine in the Woods, no worries there are many more festivals this summer and fall.  We compiled a list of over 30 wine festivals in Maryland.  The festivals span from Washington County to Ocean City, Maryland and cities in between.   Below is the 2018 Maryland Wine Festival Complete Guide.  It is in a .pdf format for you to print and carry with you.

Wine festivalsBefore you dust off your lawn chair and picnic basket, we have some tips for you to have the most enjoyable festival experience.

Go for Free

When you volunteer at festivals your admission is free. Larger festivals, like Maryland Wine Festival, need volunteers to help the day of the event.  You can contact the organizers of the festival to learn more about the jobs available.  Wineries also need assistance.  Wineries advertise for volunteers on their website or post volunteer information in their newsletters.  Volunteers are needed to pour wine.  The wineries will cover your admission in exchange for your time.   It is not too late to volunteer, contact your favorite vineyard.


Get Your Ticket Early

More popular festivals sell out and will not sell tickets at the entrance.  Linganore Winecellar’s Caribbean festival is an example of a festival which sells out every year.  Every year!  Do not wait until the week of or day of to purchase your ticket.


Avoid Pre-gaming

It is fun to have a drink or two with your friends before the festival, but remember to pace yourself.  It is not a good look to be drunk before 11:00 am. Avoid going all out before the festival.  There are several tasting options at the festival.  Generally, the tasting samples are one ounce pours.  Each winery pours between 4 to 6 wines, so you could potentially have a single glass of wine at each tent.  Remember wine festivals are a marathon not a sprint.


Leave the Booze at Home   

Festivals have strict policies about bringing alcohol not sold at festivals into the event.  You cannot bring alcohol to the festival.  It is not an attempt for the organizers to sell more wine.   It is the law.  Your bags will be checked before you entered.  Any alcohol found at bag check will be confiscated.

Happy festival hopping!  For more tips, check out our earlier blog Tips to Navigating Maryland Wine Festivals Share with us in the comment section below, what is your favorite festival to attend. Here is your 2018 Maryland Wine Festival Complete Guide two page guide.

Wine festivals 2018

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